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The product style, stake of your success, vector of your communication: Aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, brand identity...

Integrate product design to stand out and better communicate your values. Our experience in industrial design has proven itself, and every day our clients renew their trust in us.

  • Prospective style
  • Search for concepts
  • Pre-project
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Reverse engineeringclose

Make the most of your mock-ups!

Our Reverse Engineering service is able to scan your shapes in order to produce an intelligent and perfectly usable digital definition by integrating upstream the industrialization constraints.


The design, key phase of your project: Innovation, know-how, process knowledge

Take advantage of our team's expertise to ensure optimum definition of your products.

  • Modelling CAO (CATIA, Pro Engineer, Solidworks)
  • Eco-conception
  • Design-to-cost
  • Functional scoring
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Computer Aided Engineering or how to simulate and anticipate the behavior of your future product.

  • Structural calculations (static, dynamic, modal analysis...)
  • Rheological calculations
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To ensure continuity throughout the development process, MG2 takes charge of the study and follow-up of your industrial means.

  • Injection molds
  • Assembly tools
  • Methods of control
Project follow-up

Reinforce your teams and take advantage of our experience acquired in various fields of activity to ensure the follow-up of your projects.

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As part of the development of your product, MG2 is able to provide you with the various prototypes that will be necessary for aesthetic or functional validation and even ensure the production of small series of parts for larger tests.

Each step has its own prototypes