For MG2, innovation means constantly seeking to improve the existing in a substantial way. Our know-how has always been put at the service of our clients in this sense. Our team is made up of experienced and multidisciplinary profiles and is positioned as a source of ideas to advance your projects and allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Innovate to stay one step ahead, to progress.

MG2 through its conceptions will propose you improvements or rationalizations for the creation and industrialization of your product.

Our know-how, the result of 20 years of experience in the development of products from a wide range of sectors, gives us an open mind for creativity.

This position of external conceptor to your activity brings a new and neutral glance which proves to be an inescapable asset in the development of your new product. This is our added value in your project, which is now recognized by many of our clients.

Innovate for MG2 is a reality !

As evidenced by the patents and SOLEAU envelopes to which the team members are associated as inventors or co-inventors (patents n° FR2836540 & 541, n° FR2964615...).

Schema Points fort MG2
  • Creativity, Concept
  • Surveillance, Evaluation
  • Know-How