In the continuation of its design office, MG2 through its workshop is able to take charge of the study and the realization of your various toolings.

Outillages MG2
  • chevron_rightInjection, compression blowing or foundry tools
  • chevron_rightSingle and multi-cavity tools
  • chevron_rightDirect injection or hot runner tools
  • chevron_rightSingle and multi-injection, rotary, transfer or insert moulding tools
  • chevron_rightComplex tools with combined movements or unscrewing
  • chevron_rightTools and control templates.
  • chevron_rightLaying for assembly and finishing of parts.
  • chevron_rightOther mechanical and plastic machining

Our technical expertise and our control of the digital chain, from design to injection of parts, guarantee a flawless development of your product. Quality and respect of deadlines are our values.


  • Milling

    • 1 machining center DMU60
    • 1 machining center HURCO VM10i
    DMU60 HURCO VM10i
  • Turning

    • 1 numerically controlled lathe Cazeneuve 360 Optimax
    • 1 lathe Crouzet
    Cazeneuve 360 Optimax Tour Crouzet
  • Erosion

    • 1 Charmille Roboform 200
    • 1 Mitsubishi FP35e
    • 1 Ona A180
    Charmille Roboform 200 Mitsubishi FP35e Ona A180
  • Wire erosion

    • 1 Fanuc Robot cut α-oie
    Fanuc Robot cut α-oie
  • Rectification plane

    • 1 Bell
    • 1 Lip
    Bell Lip
  • Piercing

    • 1 Radiale Invema FR40
    • 1 Cincinnati drill press
    Radiale Invema FR40 Perceuse à colonne Cincinnati
  • Control

    • Traditional means of measurement (caliper, gauge, palmer...)
    • 1 Measuring column Trimos V4
    Moyen de mesure traditionnel Colonne de mesure Trimos V4
  • Others

    FAO Misseler Topcam

    Capacity and dimensions of tools up to 1200kg

    chevron_rightor approximately 800mm cube

    Moule MG2