As part of the development of your product, MG2 is able to provide you with the various prototypes that will be necessary for aesthetic or functional validation and even ensure the production of small series of parts for larger tests.

In design and conception phase

We offer prototypes from rapid prototyping technologies such as :

  • Stereolithography SLA
  • Powder sintering SLS
  • Bi-material 3D printing
  • Wire removal/li>
  • Good material machining

We ensure their realizations and finishes to have the most realistic sets possible approaching your final product. The time of realization is of the order of a few days.

We can carry out the complete machining of a part by material removal, starting from a block of material previously injected into our proto molds if necessary. This process allows us to obtain a part that is as close as possible to the characteristics of the final injected part.

Prototype MG2 Prototype MG2

In development phase

We propose you to realize your series of parts with prototype molds in steel or aluminum for injection under pressure and good material with our process of modules impressions added in our standard carcasses.

We take care of everything; namely the realization of the mould as well as the moulding and the development of the parts. We carry out the assembly of the sub-assemblies if necessary. The time of realization is variable according to the complexity of the tools, from 15 days to several weeks.

In some cases it is even possible to make these resin impression modules by additive manufacturing with our "EFAST" process which greatly reduces the lead time.

Process characteristics :

  • Very large part series possible from 0-10000 pieces or more
  • Identical materials and aspects of the final product

We can also realize with our network of partners duplications of parts with silicone molds and vacuum casting, or by low pressure injection in resin molds (RIM process - Reaction Injection Molding). The disadvantage of these 2 processes is that the materials used in all cases are not those of the final products, which does not allow a real validation of the product.

Moule MG2
Imprimante 3D MG2

Our latest acquisition

A 3D printer "reverse stereo type". With a resolution of 60 microns and a production volume of 180 x 180 mm. It will be able to ensure the 3D printing of your parts in a fast way.

The range of possible materials is as follows.

Tableau gamme de matériaux